Advantages Of Working With Us

Advantages Of Working With Us

Contacts and access to leading executives and politicians

Probably one of the most important benefits of working with us is our unrivalled access and contacts to leading politicians and executives in Sierra Leone. This enables us to get answers from the decision makers directly without the wasting of time. We also have various lower level connections with people at various corporate businesses and government institutions. These are very important as these help with getting things accomplished on a day to day basis.

Up to date information

As we have offices based in the capital Freetown, we always stay abreast of advances and developments both politically and economically which will be passed on to clients knowledgeably and authoritatively.

Honesty and good business ethic

We under promise and over deliver.  We do not sugar coat anything or give unrealistic deadlines to our clients. We explain the various different outcomes of achieving their goals, the various possible scenarios, advantages and disadvantages. Two of the company directors are dual nationals with both Sierra Leonean and British passports. They have been raised and educated in the UK but also have spent and do spend a considerable amount of time in Sierra Leone. They fully understand and are aware of western business ethics as well as African business ethics and help bridge an understanding between the two when dealing with investors and various partners in SL.

Call upon our expertise

We know the market and we know how to deal with and understand the local people and culture. Let us diagnose and handle any issues, challenges and use our expertise in the market to guide you.

Independent from the political system

Although we have close ties with the GoSL (Government of Sierra Leone) we are not an official government body. We are an independent company that only focuses on investments projects that will have a benefit the country and the people of Sierra Leone.

Saving time and resources

Doing business in a developing country can sometimes be very challenging and difficult. Sometimes things that may take you hours in a developed country may take a day or more in Sierra Leone that is just how it is. However, due to our huge number of contacts and connections from the ground up and our ability to understand the local needs of the people we are able to get things accomplished in a very quick manner.


Once all the paperwork has been approved and signed off we are able to implement projects effectively and efficiently.

Single Point of Call & Accountability and Easy Budgeting

We are a one stop shop for all of your investment needs from information on your chosen market sector to opening a company business account. We will also deal with and pay exclusive attention to your requests and our dedicated team of specialists will guide you through every step of the way.