There also are opportunities to expand infrastructure and to invest in state-owned entities. Investments in these areas feature both the prospects of high returns and the downstream benefits of facilitating development in other sectors.

Some of the infrastructure weaknesses represent investment opportunities. For example, the rehabilitation of the primary road network and revamping the port so that it achieves full compliance to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code are both priorities for the government.

Privatisation is another priority for Sierra Leone. The government is seeking investors, especially foreign investors who will bring significant capital and technical skills to improve the performance of the companies.

Sixteen public enterprises are on schedule to be privatised.

  1. Sierra Leone Housing Corporation
  2. Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board
  3. Mining and General Services Limited
  4. Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation
  5. Sierra Leone Telecommunications Company Limited
  6. Sierra Leone Airport Authority
  7. National Power Authority
  8. Sierra Leone Ports Authority
  9. Guma Valley Water Company
  10. Sierra National Shipping Company Limited
  11. National Insurance Company
  12. Sierra Leone State Lottery Company Limited
  13. Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Limited
  14. National Development Bank Limited
  15. Sierra Leone Roads Authority
  16. Rokel Commercial Bank Limited